The Future of Voice Assistants

Man talking on the phone with digital voice assistant
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Voice assistants are changing the way we live our lives. With just the sound of your voice, you can look for anything on the internet or order your house to switch off the lights.

It’s considered to be the next big leap in digital technology. If you’re not on-board yet, you should start learning more about it. Ask the experts from any SEO company, and they would say that voice assistant programs are going to be integral to the success of any business.

Defining voice assistants

Voice assistants are programs that recognise the user’s voice and interpret the user’s commands as such. When a user talks and asks a voice assistant to search for the nearest Italian restaurant, for instance, the program will listen to the user’s command and provide the answer.

If you’ve encountered Siri, then that’s one of the many voice assistant programs being used right now. Actually, even without Siri, there are several other apps and computer programs that use voice as their means of communicating with the users.

Voice assistants will soon become more widely used due to their user-friendly features and broad potential. According to a report, around 122.7 million Americans will be using voice assistant technology by 2021.

Voice assistants for road use

There are so many avenues for this kind of technology. For example, voice assistants have made it practically easy to navigate one’s self throughout Australia. All you have to do is talk to your GPS unit, and it will provide you with several routes starting from Perth to Melbourne.

Not only has voice assistant technology made it easier to get around Australia, but it also made it safer to drive. According to a report, hundreds of thousands of people get injured every year because of texting while driving.

But with voice assistants, these accidents will soon be a thing of the past. You no longer need to take your eyes off the road if you want to call someone. You only have to speak to your smartphone, instruct it to call your sister or friend, and your phone will make the call.

Voice assistants for the elderly and disabled

Voice assistant technology has also made it easier for the elderly and disabled to perform some tasks. If your grandmother finds it difficult to get up from her chair to turn on the lights, all she has to do is speak to her smart assistant gadget and it will do her bidding.

The same goes for people who are disabled. The technology has made it easier for people incapable of walking around to perform everyday tasks like calling up someone or turning on the lights.

Why is this important to you?

Visually impaired man using Digital Assistant

As mentioned earlier, voice assistant technology is becoming more popular with the masses because of its user-friendly features. This is why all companies should start implementing it into their business.

This means that if you’re using SEO marketing, you should include voice assistant technology as one of your tools in reaching your target market. The reason behind this is that more people are using this technology to look for anything online. Eventually, consumers will rely more on this than typing the keywords, so you should be ready for that day.

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