Tweet Tabs is created by a team of experts from the marketing industry.

The founders of Tweet Tabs know all too well how fickle digital marketing trends can be, with new fads popping up every month or so. It’s tricky staying ahead of the marketing game, and only up-to-date information can help marketers. Tweet Tabs helps marketers and businesses get the latest digital marketing news by sifting the internet and cutting through the noise. Combined, our in-house team has over 40 years of experience working in the industry, and they work hard finding relevant news, articles, and essays on all things digital marketing.

Joshua Harris

EIC, inbound Sales Expert

Joshua Harris has been in the marketing industry for nearly 20 years. Starting as a copywriter for a small advertising company in the Midwest, he quickly rose through the ranks, gaining valuable experience in every position he’s held. He found his true passion when he transitioned into digital marketing, finding his expertise in conceptualizing inbound marketing and paid advertising campaigns. After leaving his executive position at a top marketing agency, he started Tweet Tabs, an online news source that gives businesses and marketers the information they need to thrive in the digital landscape.

Joshua is a triathlete, and regularly runs marathon with his wife Margaret.

Celine O’Donnel

Associate Editor-in-Chief, Content Editor

As Tweet Tabs resident content marketing and social media expert, Celine O’Donnel regularly interacts with technology. She became an early adopter of many tools that are now considered industry standard and has a knack for finding the latest trends early. Celine graduated with a BA in English and History, but she found her true calling in digital marketing when she attended a seminar on “Essential Technologies in Marketing” headed by Joshua Harris while she was in college. She now runs Tweet Tabs as the Associate Editor-in-Chief.

On the weekends, Celine enjoys cosplaying her favorite anime and videogame characters, as well as playing Dungeons & Dragons in her friend’s basement.

Vernon West

Head Writer, Expert Web Developer

Vernon has been involved in web design since high school. As a teenager, he studied HTML, CSS, and Python in his spare time and used this knowledge throughout his college career. After college, he worked in web development and reputation management at one of the top marketing firms in the west coast. After 10 years, he left to start his own web consultancy firm and has been a key contributor to many successful marketing campaigns for major clients across the country.

Vernon keeps his ear to the ground and remains active in the industry and expands his knowledge by attending numerous marketing conferences every year.

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