Project Management 101: Defining Your Onboarding Checklist

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It has never been easy to form a new team that will help you achieve your project’s goals. What’s even more challenging is adding new members to your project. But, what if you can get help with this? What if this forming and adding new project members can be fun, easy and highly efficient? What if you could do it from the comfort of your office? What if you could assign someone else the task of creating teams and adding new members without having to worry that they could get it wrong? Yes, what if?

A renowned provider of client-facing project management solutions highlights below some of the critical features of a program that would help you achieve all that:

Welcoming members

Every onboarding manager faces the challenge of how they can welcome new members to an existing team and the project. Your onboarding tool should help to make that easy and quick. It is at this stage that you also should finalize the project’s paperwork. Doing that early enough will help you to define the roles that new members will be having clearly. Also, it will outline the milestones that the team should hit for you to complete the project in the required time. But, most importantly, confirm whether the new members are ready for the role that you are assigning them.

Introducing & informing

introducing and informing

It is highly advisable that, while you can make introductions electronically, you encourage all team members to introduce themselves personally. Therefore, your onboarding tool should also allow for personal communication. From that, every member can attach a face to a name that they are in the same group with. It also will help you define your reporting channels and which individual should lead which department. At this point, define the location from which the team can access the relevant documentation for your project.

Setting up and assigning

Your onboarding tool should make it easy to set up project management and team collaboration tools that new members can use. You either can create the user logins by yourself or delegate this role to another team member. But, make sure the new members get the logins and can access their assignments and project documentation.

It is crucial you also take time to find a reputable provider of client-facing project management solutions. That includes researching to know how efficient their onboarding programs have been with different clients. Also, consider the frequency at which you could need updating the software and whether you will have to pay for these upgrades. Will these upgrades retain your settings preferences, or you will have to set them again? Moreover, how large is the program and how long does it take to launch it? Is the project management solutions provider available to address any emergency issues that you could be having?

Ideally, the efficiency and usefulness of an onboarding tool roll back to your choice of a project management program provider. So, be deliberate, research and choose wisely. Do not settle for any onboarding tool other than the best. The success of your project, and how well new members will pick up their roles, banks on that.

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