4 Ways to Create a Good Impression on Your First Date

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They say beginnings are often the hardest. You may not believe it, but you may experience it on your first date. You are attempting to form a bond, a relationship, or a social connection for the first time, and it can be hard, especially if you are fidgety and all. It could be also that your past first dates have gone bad that you have somehow lost your self-confidence. This time, you have to redeem yourself. Believe that it is going to be good.

Going on a date offers you an opportunity to meet the person that may be perfect for you. You do not want to turn off your potential soulmate, so you have to take measures that will allow you to create a good impression.

If your app for matchmaking has already found you a match, the next step you should do is prep yourself. Here are some of the things to keep in mind.

Tip #1: Show up early

The first thing that will give you a good score would be your appearance. Do not just show up, you have to show up early! Showing up gives your date an impression that you are taking this meet-up seriously and that you are exerting an effort.

If you think you are going to be late, you need to tell them right away, so they will be able to make some adjustments. Do not forget to apologize! More importantly, never ghost them! Doing so is akin to hurting their feelings.

Tip #2: Dress up nice

You ought to dress up for this date. Your date will have the impression that you are making an effort for them, which is actually a plus point for you.

For guys, a smart casual get-up will always do the trick: a button-down topped with a navy blue blazer, chinos with a great fit, and a pair of brogues. Make your hair slick looking, too.

For ladies, you can always go for little black dress — it has never failed a woman on their first dates. Complete the look with a pair of stilettos and some understated jewelry pieces.

Tip #3: Bring up interesting topics

Your look and appearance are half the battle since the other half will be about how you carry yourself through conversations. Better bring up interesting topics. Avoid sensitive ones, such as politics, religions, exes, salaries, and even personal hygiene. Do not try to be funny by telling green jokes. More importantly, do not just talk, you need to listen, too!

Tip #4: Be clear with your intentions

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At the end of the date, there could be a short talk that will determine the future of the meet-up. Will it happen again, or will it not? This is where you can make your intentions clear, so throw clear hints that you will love to do it again. If they do not want it, respect their decision. Similarly, you have the right to amicably say that it could be your first and last meeting.

These are just some of the things to keep in mind if you want to create a good impression on your first date. Be confident and be yourself!

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