The Disney Hub: What Is It and How Do You Access It

disney hub
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As one of the biggest corporations and media franchises in the world (nay, in history), the Walt Disney Company needs to be able to keep track of all its employees around the world. To do this, Disney maintains a website called the Disney Hub, which not only works as a form of unified HR platform that manages employee-specific issues, it’s also a great place to learn more about Disney work culture and cast member essentials. It is also a great place to access personal and professional development programs and other learning materials and resources.

So, for Disney employees, aspiring Disney employees, and those simply curious, here’s what you need to know about Disney Hub in one article. And for those who came here thinking Disney Hub is a streaming platform for all the movies and studios owned by the media behemoth, you’re probably looking for Disney+.

What is Disney Hub?

The Disney Hub is an online portal for Disney employees and contractors. It’s basically a resource center for all Disney cast members and contains various types of information about their job. Think of it this way: if Disney was a regular, ole 9-to-5 company, the Disney Hub would be their proprietary HR management program that tracks employee logins and logouts, paystub info, shift schedules, and many more.

And by ‘many more’, we mean a LOT more: the Disney Hub is also a cast member’s gateway to the Walt Disney University, also known as the Disney College Program, the company’s global training program that offers different types of classes, lectures, and other opportunities for cast members to advance through Disney’s corporate ladder. It’s chock-full of useful resources that are aimed at advancing personal and professional development for all Disney employees.

The Disney Corporation is a multi-national entity with over 200,000 employees worldwide (half of which work in Disneyland and Walt Disney World), so maintaining a standardized work culture that’s on point with the entire Disney brand can be difficult. The Disney Hub helps with this by having an extremely thorough and detailed resource section that deals with all things Disney culture: terms to use when interacting with customers/park visitors, key facts and figures about Disney characters and other media franchises, and proper ways of communicating the Disney brand as a cast member.

Aside from these, the Disney Hub also provides employees with various news and updates about the company, along with discounts and offers that are exclusive to employees. The Disney Hub is also a crucial aspect of the Disney Internships and Programs division, which provides people, mostly students, with an opportunity to see what it’s like to work for the Disney corporation. With the Disney Hub, Disney interns are given access to various resources and programs like Career Planning, further education opportunities, and Program Extension information.

The Disney Hub collates all employee-pertinent information, from Walt Disney World, ESPN, Disney Consumer Products and the Disneyland Resort. It also has information regarding the various business units and departments throughout the company.

The Disney Hub is run primarily by the Corporate Communications department of the company, although different departments can, and regularly do, contribute to the site on a regular basis.

How Do I Access the Disney Hub?

First of all, Disney Hub is a closed website, meaning that it’s only available for Disney employees only. To access the Disney Hub, you’ll need to be working for Disney, whether as a direct employee or as a contractor.

Once you’re accepted into the Disney corporation, and once you’ve got all the other HR stuff out of the way, Disney will set you up with a Disney Hub username and password. This is called a MyID, and is your main log-in credential for Disney Hub. Alternatively, if you were not given a MyID, you can use your company-assigned ID (usually the SAP ID).

The Disney Hub is a great way for Disney employees and cast members to access and manage multiple aspects of their employment, including, but not limited to:

  • A hotline to request for extra hours.
  • Cast member services including payroll and access control.
  • Work scheduling.
  • Viewing their pay stub.
  • Activities and events for cast members, including Mickey’s Retreat.
  • Opportunities for further training with the Disney Corporation.
  • Corporate guidelines that govern cast members actions and aesthetics.

To access Disney Hub as an employee:

Step 1: Go to your browser and go to the Disney Hub website.

Step 2: Input your Disney employee username (which will be given to you at the end of the hiring process) in the username field.

Step 3: Type the initial password that was given to you during the onboarding process. You may change this in the future (or request a new one from the Disney Hub IT portal).

Step 4: Click the Sign-in button and the login process will be completed.

If it’s been a while since you’ve logged in, the website will most likely ask you to reset your password. This will be completed via email verification, so make sure the email you used when you were onboard is still active.

If you forgot your password or username, you’ll have to re-register your account. The Disney Hub has a help page for people who need to reset their accounts. You can also call 1-866-5Disney (534769), Disney’s IT support center. Or, alternatively, you could message the Disney IT support page.

The Disney Hub is only accessible through your laptop or desktop computer; a mobile Disney Hub app has yet to be released, most likely due to security purposes.

I’m not a Disney Employee, Can I Still Login to Disney Hub?

If you are not an active Disney employee, you cannot access Disney Hub. Again, Disney Hub is a closed portal for employees only. The website has sensitive information that is meant only for people who work for the corporation. Non-employees are not given access, and employees are not allowed to give their login credentials to anyone else.

Are There TV Shows on the Disney Hub?

No, there are no TV shows on the Disney Hub. Again, the Disney Hub is an employee portal that has information pertinent only to Disney employees and cast members. If you want to find Disney-related media and/or shows, you’ll need to subscribe to Disney+, Disney’s media streaming website that shows over 3,000 movies and TV shows from the Walt Disney Company, including Pixar, Marvel, National Geographic, Star Wars, and of course, Disney.

Can I Subscribe to the Disney Hub?

No, the Disney Hub is not a subscription service. Again, the Disney Hub can only be accessed by current and active Disney cast members and employees. However, there is a “Disney Hub” that you can follow on Spotify. The Disney Hub on Spotify is a playlist containing all of Walt Disney’s extensive music library. It’s currently available to Spotify users in the U.S., the U.K., Canada, New Zealand, Ireland, Australia, and South Africa. To subscribe to the Disney Hub on Spotify:

Step 1: Open your Spotify app

Step 2: Search for Disney Hub on the search bar

Step 3: Tap “Follow”

The Disney Hub playlist includes songs from classic Disney movies, as well as songs and soundtracks from their Pixar, Star Wars, and Marvel franchises. Spotify’s Disney Hub is already one of the music apps most popular playlists to date, with more than 2 billion combined minutes played in 2019 alone.

It also includes podcasts from Disney insiders and cast members, with podcasts ranging in topic from information about specific films, soundtrack discussions, or just a general peek inside the life of a Disney cast member in one of the Disney theme parks around the world.

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