9 Things You Can do to Support a Nonprofit as a Business

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Nonprofit organizations are integral to every community, as their goal is to give back to those in need. These organizations don’t profit from what they do since most funds have been donated to them by individuals or businesses. And if you’re a business owner who wants to help a nonprofit or a charity, doing so is easy.

Once you have found a nonprofit organization you want to support, there are many things you can do to start. Giving back to these organizations will boost your business in the community. At the same time, you’re helping the nonprofits a chance to achieve their goals.

1. Know what kind of help the nonprofit needs

Every nonprofit organization is different. For instance, one needs money. On the other hand, a separate organization might want to receive food packs. Partnering with them allows you to learn what they need. By doing so, you will understand what kind of help makes an impact that can propel their organization forward.

There are many types of help you can offer them. You can create a service or product where the profit will go to them while raising awareness. Or you can provide your time to volunteer at their different events. But more about these below.

2. Giving a recurring donation

Most of the time, nonprofit organizations ask for donations to keep doing what they do. Without donations, they won’t be able to support their cause, which is why a business can give a recurring donation. It can be every month, every three months, or yearly.

Recurring donations can also help the organization plan its budget so that they know what it can do with the money to ensure it’s stretched out. It’s a way for them to ensure that they can do more with what they have.

3. Sponsor an event

Events that nonprofits or charities organize can be very time-consuming. At the same time, resources must be available to make it a success. Apart from that, these can be very costly. As a way to ease off the burden, you can sponsor an event. Of course, you’re not the only one who’ll fund it. But it’s already a huge help.

You can offer your sponsorship in cash or in kind. For instance, the event is a marathon, and you own a t-shirt business. Then you can sponsor a hundred free t-shirts for the marathoners to wear on the day of the event.

4. Use your social media platform

Social Media

You may already have a large following on social media, which helps you get your followers’ attention. Harnessing the power of your social media platforms allows you to post updates about the event.

Spreading the word about the nonprofit you support is another way to show your advocacy. It allows your followers to know that you’re helping your community. In turn, it raises awareness about your brand and makes them feel good about supporting you.

5. Host an event in your brick-and-mortar location

One way to show support for a charity or nonprofit is by holding the event in your shop. For instance, you have a shop where you sell your merchandise. If the nonprofit you’re collaborating with is planning to hold an event, you can save money by doing it on your premises.

You can use outdoor signs to let people know there’s an event they can freely check out. Make sure to use custom outdoor signs that are lightweight, affordable, and easy to install so that you won’t have any problems taking them off after the event.

6. Volunteer your time as a professional

You can do good by speaking at events as a professional and expert in your industry or niche. As a part of your partnership with a nonprofit, you will want to showcase what you have learned and experienced to people attending an event by the organization.

For instance, you want to help people learn how to start their small businesses with as few resources as possible. It’s an excellent way for the less fortunate to learn through your collaboration with the nonprofit you have chosen.

7. Offer your employees time

If you want to help a nonprofit by being present, you can offer the services of your employees. Of course, you must provide paid time off so your employees won’t lose anything. And it also has to be a nonprofit organization to which they’re willing to donate their time.

You can offer one day per quarter where your employees can volunteer. It’s best if they help out during events where the workforce is required. These organizations need a little help, which is highly appreciated already.

8. Start matching donations

If your business is large enough and can handle matching donations, then it’s another excellent way for you to help. Spreading awareness to your followers and pledging to match their donations already makes a huge difference for the nonprofit you’re supporting.

You can set a time limit to when they can donate. For instance, you can give them a week to donate. After a week, you will match the total donation. It’s a great way to encourage more people to donate.

9. Donate the profits of a particular product or service

Donating the profit of the product or service is another common way to partner with a nonprofit organization. It’s easy, and you can do it even when busy. As long as you spread awareness of your actions, many customers will want to support your cause

It’s also a great way to show that you’re not just about making money but helping those in need. It increases your corporate social responsibility as well as improves brand loyalty.

Extend your help by collaborating with nonprofit organizations that you believe in

Helping the community by working with a nonprofit or a charity is the easiest way to give back to those in need. Fortunately, there are tons of these organizations where help from businesses is greatly appreciated.

If you want to become a notable community member, don’t hesitate to find a nonprofit that matters to you and your employees. Plus, you feel good knowing that you have done your part to make a change.

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