The XB Version: A Review of this Sony Bluetooth Speaker

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The market for Bluetooth speakers is booming with way-too-many quality contenders to choose from. As one of the biggest companies in consumer technology, there’s no doubt that the Sony Bluetooth speaker is part of the selection. If it’s not one of your choices, it IS your choice.

Whatever your Bluetooth speaker dreams are, a Sony wireless speaker has got you covered. The company has an outstanding run in the field of wireless speakers. Sony continues to score high among brands that offer quality Bluetooth speakers, of which the list includes JBL, Sony’s fierce rival owned by Samsung. Despite the fierce competition between the two brands, most people are at ease with a Sony Bluetooth speaker compared to the JBL ones — and that’s because the former impresses with reasonable price points, quality models and the best sounds.

As a trusted name in audio and headphones, Sony impresses clients with its Extra Bass (XB) range. If you are looking for a Bluetooth speaker that easily connects, is easy to carry, waterproof, dustproof and incredibly durable, look for a Sony XB Bluetooth speaker.

What Are the Best Sony XB Bluetooth Speakers?

Here’s a list of Sony’s best XB Bluetooth speakers, which include the pros and cons, as well as advice on whether you should actually get one.

Sony XB402M

Do you want a Bluetooth speaker that doubles as your Alexa? Sony has got you covered with their Bluetooth speaker.

Sony XB402M is a knock-proof and fully waterproof cylindrical wireless Bluetooth speaker that comes with a built-in Alexa. It has a unique line-up panel (a trademark of models from Sony’s Extra Bass Series), Spotify connect and a boost-party friendly function.

Can you consider this Sony wireless speaker as your new smart home hub? Not really. It doesn’t support Alexa voice calls. But with its Bluetooth and wireless internet connectivity, you can still bring Alexa to your backyard, have her play your music and even complain to her when the rain ruins your plans.

Sony XB01 and XB12

The XB01 and its cute sibling the XB12 are perfect for people who want small Bluetooth speakers with affordable price tags. Out of all the models included in Sony’s Extra Bass Series, these speakers are the most budget-conscious of them all. On top of that, both of them are Instagram-worthy.

Both XB01 and XB12 come in different colors, but the latter boasts of a high water/dust immersion rating. Its 1P67 rating means it has been tested for dust-proofing and can be immersed in a shallow depth of water for 30 minutes without dying. On the other hand, the former is water-resistant. Both Bluetooth speakers from Sony come with a fabric strap that you can unbutton to loop around things.

You can charge both with a micro USB. The XB12 has a 16-hour battery life while the XB01 guarantees a six-hour battery life.

Sony XB32

Sony XB32 Bluetooth Speaker
Meet the Sony XB32 Bluetooth Speaker (Photo from Pinterest)

If you’re looking for a Sony Bluetooth speaker alternative to the JBL Charge 4. With JBL’s Bluetooth speaker ecosystem, you can pair up to a hundred Sony speakers. However, JBL’s Bluetooth speakers need only to be pressed once to find each other. On the other hand, Sony’s wireless Bluetooth chain means you must press each unit and visit the app to sort through the pairing.

With this, keep in mind that JBL speakers don’t offer EQ alterations while Sony offers a variety of bass and enhancement options. If you prefer customized sound over multi-pairing features, go with the Sony XB speaker.

XB23, XB33 and XB43

The XB23, XB33 and XB43 are the newest versions of the first-gen Sony XB Bluetooth speakers. Apart from their IP67 rating, these speakers are also saltwater resistant. These models also set themselves apart from their older counterparts with their ‘3-suffixed range features. The models come with reduced driver excursions with the same sound pressure, which reduces the distortion. The Bluetooth speaker’s non-circular shape maximizes the speaker’s diaphragm, which increases the sound pressure for punchier bass.

The XB43 boasts of a “Live Sound” feature, which gives your audio a three-dimensional quality. It’s perfect for parties like events or festivals. If you have multiple speakers, use the Party Connect feature to easily connect to hundreds of wireless speakers via Bluetooth. The sounds and lights sync up well, which makes them a fun addition to any party.

Is The Sony Speaker Good? A Review

In terms of sound quality, the Sony XB Bluetooth speaker’s sound is adequate. Some users expected a louder sounding speaker, but even if you turn the sound up, it wouldn’t reach ear-deafening levels of volume. However, most of Sony’s XB Bluetooth speakers offer good sound, but if you want to use a speaker in larger spaces, you might want to find something else.

The sound lows, mids and highs are balanced, which makes these speakers perfect for smaller areas like your bedroom, camping sites or next to you as you lounge by the beach. Sony XB Bluetooth speakers are also bass-heavy speakers, which make the sound excellent and remarkable. The setup is also very simple. All you must do is charge it for a few minutes. Once the speaker is fully charged, turn on the power button and discover devices nearby.

According to other reviewers, these speakers are excellent products for their prices. It’s made by Sony, which means that you always get what you paid for. While these speakers may not be top-of-the-line and expensive speakers, they are affordable and top-quality speakers that have zero distortion and boast a nice and rich bass. If there are cons that come with the speakers, they don’t have an automatic power-off mode or sleep mode, but that can be easily adjusted.

Should You Buy a Sony XB Bluetooth Speaker?

In general, Sony XB Bluetooth speakers offer great quality and sound features at competitive prices. The Bluetooth app’s EQ functions and different light shows offer great value for your money. Other Bluetooth models at the same price points might have longer battery lives, but most of them disappoint with the features.


If you’re looking for the best gadgets in town, Sony Bluetooth speakers never disappoint, especially the XB series. If you’re looking for top-quality speakers that come at reasonable prices, go XB!

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