Social Media Marketing Post-COVID: What to expect?

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A tough question that businesses are struggling to answer currently is “how to deal with social media marketing post the coronavirus pandemic?”

With people around the world adjusting to the new social distancing norms, following long periods of lockdown, businesses are now tweaking their content and coming up with new ideas to market their products.

Staying connected has become more important than ever, as people use social media to connect with their loved ones. According to a recent study, social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram have seen a nearly 40 percent rise in usage owing to Covid-19. Now it is time to rethink the type of content you post to take advantage of the extra audience available online.

Time to Communicate

In such uncertain times, a business can’t afford to miss the bus and stop selling. So, marketing shouldn’t stop either. With an increase in people spending time online, it is the perfect opportunity for you to develop a stronger bond with your audience. But when it comes to posting content online, let’s face it, you can’t continue with similar posts depicting your brand and be ignorant of what’s currently happening worldwide. At the same time, you can’t post too much information regarding the pandemic if it is unrelated to your brand. It sometimes gets difficult to think about the difference between right and wrong posts with the changing world.

What Should Businesses Do?

Embracing the time on social media to make your brand appear as human as possible is the key. Mix the human element with your marketing strategy to get started. You’ll have a whole new angle to your social media strategy. Don’t forget this ‘new’ to be added to all your content across social media channels.

Listen and acknowledge the current situation. It can sometimes look easier to pretend not to know what’s happening. Sticking your head in the sand and hoping everything will magically go away isn’t a feasible strategy. Recognize the events around you to craft a well thought out message for your brand. Acknowledging to your followers that you are present and listening to their requests shows that you care and will go a long way in brand building.

You can use Facebook or Instagram Live to show your audience how you have adapted to the post-covid world with the promise to deliver products to them in a safe manner.

Post Consistently 

It isn’t the right time to remain silent. It is a time to stay connected with your audience, just as you are with your family and friends. In case you aren’t able to sell goods, focus on sharing content that is likely to be valued by your customers and aligns with your brand value.

Use thought-provoking captions that highlight what would happen once the pandemic ends. Words like ‘dreams’ or ‘party at home’ can be used in brands in the travel and hospitality industry. Creating inspirational posts can be used as a theme to market yourself.

Focus on Empathy

The global outbreak has affected one and all, regardless of the economic background or ethnicity. In this case, you need to think outside the box as you may have clients or customers facing financial woes. Show compassion to your followers, be kind, and make sure that the content & tone is written accordingly, as it may affect someone who has been gravely affected due to Covid-19.

Be sure to remember that some of your followers might have lost their jobs and are working very hard to ensure that they meet the financial requirement(s) and secure their children’s future. Think less about hard sales and focus more on delivering a positive message with a bit of compassion and empathy.

Navigating Through Pandemic Is Not Easy For Anyone

No individual was prepared for the pandemic, and there was no guidebook on how to react to it on social media. Learn from other brands on social media to develop your social media strategy. If you have started your business online but are still hiding from your audience, this is an excellent opportunity to show the followers you care and reveal what you have been doing.

In case you’re in the health business, why not encourage the audience to have classes online. Inspire them with fitness posts, regularly post workout videos online, schedule diet consultation sessions. Who doesn’t want to stay in shape and look good?

Post consistently across all social media channels and use this time as a chance to curate the best of content among your followers. Remember, we don’t have a rule book of dos and don’ts for a pandemic. So take some time out, do some social media research to create excellent content that resonates with the audience.

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