Phone Repair and Replacement: Factors to Consider

man repairing phone
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When is it the right time to replace your phone? There’s a lot of factors you have to consider when weighing this decision. Ultimately, it has everything to do with how much you’re willing to give, in terms of cost, time, and convenience.

Types of Damage

One of the most common types of damage to your phone is a broken screen. It’s cosmetic damage and will likely leave your device’s functionality unaffected. Nothing changes in terms of its performance. In this type of situation, it’s usually best to go for repair. When you’re looking to repair your Samsung phone with a parts replacement, for instance, you want to make sure someone with experience handles the hardware of your phone. It’s a relatively simple fix, but it can be more costly if you decide to go the DIY route and make a mistake.

These types of cosmetic damage may provide you minor inconveniences. You may have to temporarily put up a plastic screen protector or go to the shop for a glass replacement, but beyond that, your phone has suffered no damage beyond fixing.

On the other hand, hardware damage is a lot trickier. If your phone falls into a pool, for instance, the water damage can affect internal components and damage the device’s operating system. Before you get a replacement, have your phone checked by a repair service. In some cases, drying out the parts will allow the phone to resume its function.

Cost of Repair

phone being repairedAn important factor in the determination of repairing or replacing a smartphone is the cost. Sometimes, repairing a damaged device will cost nearly as much as buying a new one. But an expensive fix like this is not common. It’ll also depend on the type of damage your phone sustains and the part that needs repair.

Think about how much you can get by selling the broken device, as well as how much it will go for once you’ve repaired it. It’s normally economically better for you to repair and keep your smartphone.

Update Compatibility

How old is your phone? Can it support the latest updates? Another thing you need to take into consideration is the technology of your phone. If it’s new enough that it remains compatible with the latest software updates and doesn’t run into related performance issues, it may not be time for replacement. However, you may need an upgrade if your phone can no longer handle new apps and updates.

Time Consideration

Another option to consider is the time it takes for repair and replacement. For instance, when you have a cracked phone screen, think about how long this may take. Repair is normally efficient and will only take a few minutes to an hour. With simple situations like this, it’s the more practical option than replacement. With this, you’ll have to set up a new device and include all your apps and information from your old device. This process can take a long time and may not be worth the cost. Weigh the costs of repair and replacement carefully before rushing into an investment.

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