Everything You Need to Know About JBL Earbuds

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Many people are buying earbuds these days. These tech must-haves are small, portable speakers that can be used with a variety of electronic devices, including MP3 players, computers, and smartphones. They are also available in different sizes and specs – as well as brands.  

JBL is one of the most popular brands. If you are thinking of buying a pair of JBL earbuds, do your research first. Here are some things you need to know about JBL earbuds before you make your purchase.

Is JBL a Good Brand?

JBL is a product of Harman International, a well-known audio equipment manufacturer that offers headphones, earbuds, and speakers. JBL earbuds are popular among consumers for their excellent sound quality, durability, and price. Their Hi-Fi (high-fidelity) audio performance makes them a great choice for music lovers and audiophiles alike. JBL has several different earbud models that cater to different needs, so there is an earbud for everyone.

JBL earbuds come in various shapes and sizes, but they all share standard specs. For example, the sound quality of JBL earbuds is consistently good across all models. JBL wireless earbuds also have a wide frequency response range, meaning they can accurately reproduce low and high frequencies (bass and treble).

How Much are JBL Earbuds?

JBL Bluetooth earbuds and headphones prices range from $30 to $200. Many of these earbuds cost around $100, making them a good value compared to similar models from other brands. The more expensive JBL earbuds offer additional features like noise cancellation and wireless connectivity. If you’re looking for the best durability and sound quality possible, consider the higher-end models.

Many people consider JBL earbuds to be a good value because they offer great sound quality for the price. JBL earbuds are also widely available, making them easy to find and purchase. You can usually find these earbuds at your local electronics store or online from various retailers.

Are JBL Earbuds Better than AirPods?

jbl earbuds
What makes the JBL earbuds a worthy opponent to the AirPods? (Photo from Pinterest)


JBL earbuds are a great alternative to AirPods for a few reasons. First, they are more affordable than AirPods. Because Apple makes AirPods, they come with a premium price tag, so JBL earbuds are a more budget-friendly option. If your AirPods break down, replacement AirPods can cost you around $100. But if your JBL earbuds break, you can usually find a replacement pair for cheaper.

Sound feedback

Second, JBL earbuds offer better sound feedback. This means you can hear your music more clearly and with more detail when using JBL earbuds. If you compare them to AirPods, JBL earbuds can also get quite loud. You may want to use a lower volume setting when using your Bluetooth earbuds to avoid damaging your hearing.

Easy controls

JBL earbuds are also easier to control. Its buttons are larger and more distinct, so it’s easier to adjust the volume or skip a track. These are some of the best tech gadgets to help people with their hearing. AirPods don’t have any buttons, so you have to use Siri to adjust the volume or change tracks if the tapping feature is turned off.

Various earphone tips

Additionally, JBL earbuds are more comfortable for some people. This is because these earbuds have different tips that you can choose from to get a better fit. AirPods only come in one size, so they might not be as comfortable for people with smaller ears. You can also find JBL earbuds with wireless charging cases, while only the newer AirPods come with a wired charging case.


You can easily pair your JBL earbuds with any phone or device via Bluetooth. Android devices may have compatibility issues with AirPods, so JBL earbuds are a better option if you aren’t using an iPhone. Many people find that JBL earbuds offer better value, sound quality, and comfort than AirPods.

What are Some Popular JBL Earbud Models?

There are several popular JBL earbuds on the market, each with its own unique features. Many of the best wireless earbuds are designed for specific activities, like working out or traveling. You will definitely find something that meets your needs from the following models.

JBL Endurance Sprint

The JBL Endurance Sprint Wireless Earbuds are an excellent option for athletes. They’re designed to stay in place during even the most intense workouts. Their secure fit comes from the ear-hook design, which wraps around the back of your ear. The JBL Endurance Sprint Wireless Earbuds are also sweat-resistant, so you don’t have to worry about them slipping out during a run or gym session.

JBL Truly Wireless

The JBL Truly Wireless series is some of the company’s more popular models. These wireless earphones have an in-ear feature and no wires, making them incredibly convenient to use, as you don’t have to worry about tangled cords. The JBL Truly Wireless series also offers excellent sound quality and long battery life. Some models also have active noise-cancellation features, so you can enjoy your music without distractions.

JBL Reflect Contour 2

The JBL Reflect Contour 2 Wireless Earbuds are great for runners and cyclists. They stay in place, even when you’re sweating. They also have reflective cables, so you can stay safe when running or biking at night. They offer voice assistant support, so you can control them hands-free. And like other JBL wireless earbuds, they provide excellent sound quality.


If you don’t like the feeling of earbuds, or if you need headphones that will stay on during a workout, the JBL E55BT Wireless Headphones are a good choice. JBL headphones are comfortable and offer excellent sound quality. And they have a long battery life, so you can listen all day without having to recharge. This is one of the best JBL wireless headphones available in the market.

JBL Tune T120TWS

The JBL Tune T120TWS Wireless Earbuds are a great option if you’re looking for wireless earbuds. They offer a secure and comfortable fit, thanks to the ear-hook design. And they provide excellent sound quality. Compared to other true wireless earbuds, the JBL Tune T120TWS Wireless Earbuds have longer battery life.


The JBL LIVE 650BTNC Wireless Headphones are a great choice if you’re looking for headphones with noise-canceling features. As one of the best JBL headphones, they offer excellent sound quality. And they’re comfortable to wear, even for long periods, because of their comfortable fabric headband and ear cushions. You can also install a free companion app called My JBL Headphones App to get the most out of your headphones.

What are Some Downsides to JBL Earbuds?

There are a few downsides to using JBL earbuds. According to reviews from customers, they can sometimes feel uncomfortable. They can also be difficult to keep in your ears if you have small ear canals. But this specific problem can vary from person to person.

Some also complain over the plastic build of JBL earbuds. They can feel light and flimsy and may not last as long as other headphones made with different materials. Some JBL earbuds also don’t come with a carry case, so you may have to buy one separately.

For pickier users, these wireless accessories can also take some time before connecting to your device. It can take about 30 seconds for the JBL earbuds to connect to your phone, which can be frustrating if you’re in a hurry.

How Long Can JBL Earbuds Last?

The battery life of JBL earbuds can vary depending on the model. Some earbuds can last up to eight hours on a single charge, while others may only last four hours. JBL earbuds that have noise-canceling features can also drain the battery faster. The battery life may also be shorter if you’re using your earbuds for activities like running or working out.

To extend the battery life of your JBL earbuds, make sure to turn off any features you’re not using, like noise cancellation. You should also avoid keeping your earbuds in direct sunlight, as this can damage the battery.

As for the life of each device, these earbuds can last several years with proper care. This involves regularly cleaning the earbuds and charging them when needed. You should also avoid exposing them to extreme temperatures or excessive moisture. But like all electronics, they will eventually need to be replaced.

Are JBL Earbuds Worth It?

JBL earbuds offer excellent sound quality and a variety of features, making them a good choice for many people. However, they’re not perfect, so some users will find faults with them. 

It’s important to decide what’s most important to you in a pair of earbuds before making a decision. If you need comfortable earbuds that offer great sound quality at a lower price than branded ones, JBL earbuds are worth considering.


You can also choose JBL if you want headphones with specific features, like noise cancellation or a secure fit. Look for reviews online to see what other people think of JBL earbuds before making your final decision.

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