Name Change: How to Change Your YouTube Name

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Why is it crucial to have a good YouTube name?

A YouTube name is like any name for a business or a product; it tells consumers whether they’d want to buy what you’re selling. In your case, your YouTube name tells viewers what they can expect from your channel. It may even be a factor in helping you become a YouTuber making an income from the video platform.

If you’re now thinking twice about what you wrote in your account set up, you can substitute it for something more enticing or descriptive — more your brand.

If you can change your name on your birth certificate, you can certainly get a new one for your video channel.

Here’s how to change the YouTube name for your channel:

Change Your YouTube Channel Name from Your Mobile

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  • On your mobile device, open the YouTube app and click your profile
  • Click Your Channel, then tap Settings
  • Tap Edit, which should be next to your name
  • Change your channel name according to your preference, the tap the tick in the corner

Change Your YouTube Channel Name from Your Desktop

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  • Go to YouTube Studio
  • On the left-hand menu, click Customization and then Basic Info
  • Click Update to change your YouTube channel name according to your preference
  • Check your channel description if it’s needs an update; if it mentions your old channel name
  • Then click Publish

Aside from the ease in which you can change your channel name from YouTube settings, that change doesn’t affect your Google account name. 

Can I Rename My YouTube Channel and Keep My Google Name?

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YouTube in 2021 has finally given what the people want: a YouTube channel name that is different from their Google account name. So instead of replacing the profile photo and name of your Google account because you’ve changed your YouTube channel name, you don’t have to do that anymore.

The highly requested feature will allow you to keep your business profile and personal profile separate; assuming you use your YouTube channel for your business. If you’ve started YouTube as an alternative career that reflects your personal tastes, then you won’t have to worry about your quirky channel name showing up in your professional Gmail account or Google Docs files. Or if you’re still in school, a YouTube name change will mean maintaining an academic persona without compromising your creativity on the video platform.

Now that you’ve been “reborn” on YouTube with a new name, what happens to your URL?

Can I Change My YouTube URL?

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The short is “yes.” The long answer is that it’ll depend on your channel. Much like learning how to make money from your YouTube channel, eligibility requirements apply to URL change on the platform.

To customize your YouTube URL, you need to have:

  • A subscriber count of 100 or more
  • To be more than 30 years old
  • A banner image on your channel
  • A profile photo on your channel

If you meet all the requirements, you can go on YouTube Studio to tweak the settings of your channel.

  • Click Customization on our dashboard’s navigation menu
  • Choose Set Custom URL under the Channel URL
  • YouTube may suggest a few ways for you to change your URL:

– YouTube username

– Current vanity URLs

– Display name

– Linked website name

  • Click Set Custom URL once you’ve settled on a proper one
  • Click Confirm

When considering a new URL for your YouTube channel, think about optimizing it for search engines to gain visibility. Good SEO strategies help bring traffic to your channel, giving you opportunities to broaden your audience and entice more advertisers.

You may change your custom URL thrice a year, according to Google.

Tips for Changing Your YouTube Channel Name

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Although you can change your YouTube name and the channel’s URL, finding the right name from the get-go may be a better option. This is especially when the channel is for your business, and that it’s not just an alternative career for you.

A URL change may also have an impact on your SEO performance; the change may undo any optimization work you’ve done in the past, and if you’ve been ranking with the old URL, the new one could mean falling in the search rankings. You need to use 301 redirects to make sure people find the new URL, preserving traffic and link quality to your channel.

It sounds like a lot of work, yes. So you want to get your YouTube channel name right by:

  • Making sure it describes your channel’s topic
  • Choosing a YouTube channel that captures attention
  • Going with something unique from all your competitors
  • Picking a name that’s easy to remember

Your YouTube channel tells your audiences what they can expect. So make it count, and make it good.

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