How Addicted are Britons to Smartphones?

Woman smiling while using her smartphone
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Technology makes people’s lives easier. With all the recent developments and inventions, it is normal to see some trends come and go or some gadgets and processes to become obsolete. These days, people are so obsessed with smartphones because these give them easy access to the Internet. They can use their phones and stay connected on the go. Gone are the days when you needed to stay in front of the desktop computer all day just to check your emails or update your social media account.

Many people are spending a considerable amount of time on their screens. Britons are among those who are getting addicted to smartphones. Statistics would agree with this statement.

Smartphone addiction in the UK could be determined by how frequent people check their phones, which is every 12 minutes, based on a report.

Because nearly 80 per cent of the population uses a smartphone, it is not surprising if some people are addicted to using it. In 2008, smartphone penetration in the country only reached 17 per cent. Part of the reason more people have become attached to their phones could be the ease of being online. With manufacturers adding smart features and connectivity to their products, smartphone users are finding it easy to stay online and interact with the world.

Digital Connectivity

Man using an app for mapsOn average, people use their phones to browse the Internet for 24 hours a week. Those between 16 and 24 years old spend more time at 34.3 hours, driven by social media that is likewise evident among people between 18 and 34 years old.

By gender, women are more often online compared to men. One in five adults even spends 40 hours per week to stay connected. It is even one of the first things that 40 per cent of adults do five minutes after waking up. It is no wonder many people sleep with their phones beside the bed or sometimes, under their pillows.

Cost of Smartphones

Companies have capitalised on Britons’ penchant for using phones, and many offer smartphone or mobile computer repair service since the price of new units could be too high. For instance, a 24-month contract for a 64GB iPhone XR costs between £1,205 and £1,472 for the entire period.

Even a direct purchase from Apple cost £749 upfront, so some people save money by bringing their old phones to a repair shop instead of replacing it with a new one. You likewise avoid being locked in by a contract and this prevents you from paying for a device even if it gets lost or stolen.

Smartphones have helped us keep in touch with family and friends, but excessive use could be the reason some people feel stressed and pressured to keep up with the trends. How many hours do you spend looking at your screen every day? Staying connected is good, but keep in mind that everything excess can have a negative impact on your life. Moderation is key to avoiding the consequences of being too addicted to smartphones and the Internet.

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