Here are the Four Main Elements of Web Design

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In the age of the Internet, a website is an essential requirement that every business must have. Otherwise, they will not have presence online. That means they will be missing out a lot, especially when it comes to lead generation. A website also stands as your business’s identity to the world. It will serve as your hub of information and the go-to place of people who want to know more about you.

Simply put, a website is an investment. And just like other business investment, you will need to work on it with effort. You will need to have the right plan and the right team. At first, things may not be easy. But if you go through it and stick to your plan, you will see results.

Do not be confused by the process because there will always be some ways to make it easier. Here are some of the pointers to keep in mind.

The Purpose of the Website

Your website surely has a purpose, and you need to identify it first. But for you to do it with ease, you will need to consider your goals. These goals will eventually dictate what type of features should be present on your website. An e-commerce website has different features compared to a corporate website. The former will require a shopping cart and a payment gateway, while the latter may require a much more straightforward layout. Whatever the features are, you must make sure that they are customer-centric.

The UX and UI

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When building your website, you will need to focus on user experience and user interface. UX and UI are often used interchangeably, but they are two different things. For newbies, user experience is concerned with how the elements and navigational features of the website interact with the user; in simple words, a website has good UX if it is easy to use. The placement of buttons and hierarchy of links and pages are part of UX.

User interface or UI is more concerned with the look of the website. This is where the graphic design will come in. It is operating as a tool to make sure that the purpose of the UX is executed.

A/B Testing

Of course, your website will have some design studies. However, you can only implement only one design. In this regard, you should figure out which design works well with the users. Companies offering web design services in Beckenham recommend A/B testing. In this test, you will run two web design options and let two groups of respondents use them. The design option yielding positive response is likely to be implemented.

The Brand Aesthetics

Your website is part of your advertising and branding efforts. So you must make sure that the look of your website and the messaging in its content is in line with your big idea.

Building a website should not be too complicated. Use the above-mentioned pointers that will serve as your guide in creating your wireframe and implementing the website look.

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