Education amid the Pandemic: Benefits Offered by Homeschooling

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When the pandemic started, students had to attend online classes to protect themselves from the virus. The situation was challenging for students who did not have access to a reliable internet connection. Due to this, some schools implemented hybrid learning systems where some students attended in-person classes while others stayed home.

Students attending in-person classes benefited from the presence of the teacher in the classroom. On the other hand, students attending online classes had to settle for materials the teacher sent to them. And after around a year of online classes, schools started providing in-person courses.

Apprehension for In-person Classes

Even with the implementation of safety measures, many parents are still apprehensive of letting their children attend classes in school. This is particularly true in areas experiencing a surge in the number of cases.

In these situations, some school districts are planning to continue offering online learning programs for the students. To optimize learning, schools can also use a chatbot for Telegram if they use the app for communicating with the students. The app allows teachers to broadcast videos of previous lessons that the students can access. It also facilitates interaction and is accessible using different mobile platforms, including Android, iOS, and Windows.

Some parents also opted to have their children homeschooled due to the benefits it offers. Here are the benefits provided by homeschooling.

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Safe from the Virus

One significant benefit offered by homeschooling is it keeps the children safe from the virus. Even though the vaccine is already available for the children, they can still get infected even though they do not show any symptoms. In this situation, they infect members of the household who cannot get vaccinated due to their health condition.

Homeschooling keeps everyone in the household safe. The children do not need to leave the house to get educated. So, homeschooling keeps the children and the rest of the household safe from the virus.

Companies offering homeschooling classes for children will send the materials to the student, who can learn at his own pace.

Freedom from Restrictions

Aside from staying safe from the virus, the students do not need to wear masks when they go through homeschooling. This is ideal for younger students who are not comfortable with wearing a mask the whole day. It also allows them to avoid dealing with physical barriers that schools use to maintain physical distance between students.

Some parents homeschool their children to avoid bullying. Children who had to deal with bullying experienced anxiety and depression. It also resulted in lower academic achievement. The students also tend to skip or miss out on classes due to bullying. Homeschooling provides them with respite from the situation and allows them to focus on their education.

Freedom to Make Choices

Even though state authorities have requirements for students who go through homeschooling, the students have the freedom to choose the topics they want to learn each day. They decide the subjects they want to learn. These subjects include regular school subjects, such as math, science, and social studies. Additionally, the students can learn practical skills, like sewing and traditional trades.

So, homeschooling provides the students with many choices when it comes to the things they will learn. As long as they meet state requirements, they can choose the reading materials that will take guide them to reach their full potential.

The parents can also use teachable moments during the day to reinforce what they learned. And learning does not stop for students who go through homeschooling since the teachable moments also happen after school hours.

Personalized Education

Since homeschooled students have the freedom to choose what they want to learn each day, they experience a personalized education. This situation is ideal for students with unique needs that regular classes in a school setting cannot meet. When they go through homeschooling, the parents can customize the lesson based on the needs of their children.

For instance, parents can focus on math lessons in case their children find the subject challenging. They can also start science lessons by focusing on astronomy if the child is interested in outer space. Homeschooling allows the parents to use different learning styles if they have more than one child. They can tailor the lessons based on the needs of the child.

Parents can also support learning using shared family memories. For instance, they can learn about underwater ecosystems by letting the child draw pictures of their recent snorkeling trip to the beach. They can also learn about history by going through photos of their road trip to different historical sites in the country.

Homeschooling offers many benefits for the students and allows them to avoid the pressure of attending on-site classes during the pandemic.

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