Happily Ever After: Can Disney Jobs Help You Achieve That?

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The term “Disney” is often synonymous with the phrase “The happiest place on earth.” Whether it’s Walt Disney World or the actual world of Disney characters, people often associate Disney with fairytales, happiness and all things positive.

But do the same traits apply to jobs?

Getting a job at one of the biggest entertainment companies in the world sounds like a happily ever after. However, this is real life and it pays to be inquisitive.

Are Disney jobs worth it? What’s it like working for the Mouse of the House?

Is Disney a Good Company to Work For?

The Walt Disney Company (TWDC) encompasses a variety of areas in the world of entertainment. It is the world’s largest media conglomerate, with assets including publishing, television, theme parks and films. Walt Disney Studios produces movies through imprints Disney Animation, Pixar and Walt Disney Pictures. Its acquirement of Marvel Entertainment also introduced popular superheroes into the world of Mickey Mouse.

Also, its Disney/ABC Television Group includes the ABC Television Network and 10 broadcast stations, as well as other cable networks including the Disney Channel, ABC Family and 80 percent of ESPN.

On top of that, Disney has Walt Disney Parks and Resorts in different countries. Disneylands and Walt Disney Worlds contribute to the company’s growing profits. So if you’re looking for a company that’s always expanding, Disney is the place to be.

In terms of “Is it a good company to work for?” the company has received awards on its treatment of employees. In 2018, Forbes ranked Disney as the “World’s Best Employer” of that year, which was determined by their analysis of more than 430,000 recommendations. It also has also won several awards from Glassdoor, which include “Best Places to Work,” “Best Places to Interview” and “Top CEOs.”

Business Diversity: Disney Jobs Offer Plenty of Opportunities

Another thing to note about The Walt Disney Company is that every business in its fold has a unique culture. No business is the same. Just like how Disney jobs are different, so are the people. If you’re an employee of Pixar, the culture of your team is nothing like the culture of the people at Disney Animation.

According to some employee stories, if you want to really “feel Disney,” working at Disney Parks Experiences and Disney Studios is the way. But wherever you land at TWDC, the company offers diversity, which is a good thing since it exposes employees to a variety of products, people and cultures.

But like any conglomeration, Disney isn’t without challenges. Autonomy is good, but there are instances that it becomes a barrier to collaboration. Business units within the company can compete, which can result in turf wars. This means working at Disney requires strong diplomacy skills to bring together people with shared interests.

What’s the Culture Like at Disney?

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Disney’s culture is one of the first things new hires notice. As one might expect from a company founded by Walt Disney, TWDC’s company culture reflects its values. Most of the employees and higher-ups exemplify respect and honesty.

“What Would Walt Do?” is a practice most employees take to heart. It’s not difficult to think the Disney creator is watching over your shoulder, inspiring you to do your best or make your work more magical. Your job might be the farthest away from guest or moviegoers, but even the smallest contribution makes the biggest impact to consumers of Disney.

It’s all about making magic with what you do. After all, Disney is an expert at making everything magical for people. Sprinkling on pixie dust in your work should never be an afterthought. If you want to score a job at Walt Disney World, you have to mix magic in everything.

A sense of community is also one of the biggest pros when it comes to working at The Walt Disney Company. If you’re working at the parks, you’ll always feel as if you’re part of a bigger family. Since many people working at the theme parks are away from their friends and family, workers are always eager to bond with each other outside of work.

Disney also offers their employees access to the Disney Hub, which is a web-based portal that provides employees with access to different tools. This way, employees track their benefits while employers always touch base with their team.

The Bottom Line

The Walt Disney Company might sound like the happiest place on earth for people who want to work there — and it is. However, there are challenges that come with being a part of this family, which is common among big companies. That’s OK, though. The company offers many opportunities who wish to expand their careers. With hard work and perseverance, you’ll achieve a happily ever after in no time.

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