Business as Usual: Regain Some Normalcy When Working from Home

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The coronavirus pandemic has forced the world to bend to its will. The world is in recession, according to the International Monetary Fund. More than a fifth of the population is under lockdown. Australia may follow suit and bid farewell to its 29-year economic surge. As a countermeasure, companies have taken their business online to stay afloat. Try to weather the storm while staying at home with these suggestions:

For Business Owners: Get Online

If you didn’t have an online presence before, now is the best time to start. Create a website and set up shop. Get SQL server support to ensure reliable operations. If you teach classes, you can make a pay-per-view-like system so that clients can still avail of your services at home.

Local restaurants have started adapting by delivering goods and received community support. Another option is to sell gift cards and merchandise to further encourage cash flow. You can also set up a social media page, where customers can stay up-to-date on how they can continue supporting your service or product. From there, you can sell your products directly on your Facebook or Instagram page.

While more and more people are spending time at home, it also means a shift to online shopping. It may be a difficult transition, but for some, it’s the only way to stay afloat.

Maintain Your Online Presence

For those in an industry like travel and tourism, there’s no other option but to wait, hope for the best, and prepare. And the best way to prepare is to sustain your Internet presence with tact. For example, the official social media accounts of Estonia’s tourism board made a post about visiting the country after the end of the pandemic. It had the highest engagement among all the Twitter account’s posts.

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You don’t have to follow the steps of the other companies and send an email to tell customers how you’re dealing with the situation. In fact, doing so may backfire by causing anxiety and lose you an email subscriber. Before you post, think about how your business can help others during these trying times.

As people practice self-quarantine, they may be wary of traveling right now. But they’ll also experience cabin fever and plan for trips ahead in advance. In the meantime, you can continue releasing SEO-friendly content. When they are ready to book, your website is on top of the search rankings.

For Employees

For many, working from home presents several benefits: relief from commuting, waking up early, and dress codes. But it can be lonely and make you less productive. You can deal with this by restoring as much normalcy into your life as possible.

Set up a routine: wake up an hour before work, shower, and eat a hearty breakfast. Make use of the many video calling apps available and stay connected with friends and family. You may also feel like there’s a cloud following you, which is normal. Manage that grief head-on by looking for a balance into your mindset.

The world is facing uncertainty. The coronavirus crisis has changed the way people live and interact with each other. Whether you’re a business owner or an employee, the best way to handle the situation is to avoid being tone-deaf and prioritize the well-being of people.

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