Booze with a Side of Cleavage: Introducing the Breastaurant

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Sex sells, even in the food industry. Don’t believe us? Just ask the patrons of restaurants like Hooters or Twin Peaks, which are also known as breastaurants.

By definition, a breastaurant is a restaurant that requires its staff (which is often female) to wear skimpy clothes while serving customers. The standard uniform of servers is micro-mini skirts, booty shorts, low-cut tank tops and bikinis. For men, sometimes no top shirt is required.

Despite the pandemic, these lust-fueled restaurants are still making it big as many patrons continue getting their fix of food and skin. Recently, waitresses of a Twin Peaks in Florida shared a viral TikTok that detailed their busy life at their breastaurant. The pair share videos of the bustling scene, as well as the big tips they received (one waitress received $423 while the other received $275).

There is still much debate concerning these strip club-like eateries. Do we need more Hooters in the area? Can you combine boobs and pulled pork sliders and expect people to come for the food and not the waitresses? What makes breastaurants successful in the first place?

What is a Breastaurant?

The term ‘breastaurant’ is a combination of the words ‘breast’ and ‘restaurant,’ which are the primary points of these ‘topless restaurants.’ These restaurants employ skimpily-dressed waiting staff, which is why most of these eateries use a sexual double-entendre name, which is also reflected in their menu and decoration. Breastaurants always offer perks for customers, such as flirty servers and alcohol.

Hooters is the first known breastaurant in the United States. Founded in 1983, Hooters was established by six businessmen in Clearwater, Florida. The first branch was a sports bar that offered “manly” finger foods and played nostalgic 1950s songs. The main attraction of the first Hooters branch was the bikini-clad women in jogging shorts. Waitresses dressed up in different service positions during the 1950s — salesgirls, secretaries and stewardesses.

The popularity of Hooters led to other restaurants imitating the concept. Tilted Kilt opened in 2002 while Twin Peaks opened its doors in 2005. These breastaurants continued to thrive as more people bought the “boobs and burgers” concept. Even when the 2008 recession hit, Hooters and other breastaurants managed to stay afloat.

Breastaurants aren’t exclusive to female-only servers. There are other restaurants staffed by men. These eateries have a similar focus on the appearance of the server. In the case of these restaurants (such as Tallywackers), the male servers are scantily clad men that serve drinks and food.

What is the Appeal of These Breastaurants?

Breastaurants satisfy their customers’ stomachs and eyes. For example, Twin Peaks, which is dubbed as the “foodie’s breastaurant,” makes all of its food from scratch. Their locally-sourced menu features a classy twist on classic bar food like chicken wings (that you can top with their green chili parmesan sauce) and blackened fish tacos. The processed food combined with the sexy waitresses seals the deal for most customers.

Their menu also puts a spotlight on their “well-built sandwiches,” aka their waitresses who are often wearing tiny plaid shirts and mini shorts.

According to Kristen Colby, Twin Peak’s senior director of marketing, their target market (male customers) isn’t difficult to please. She believes that men are “simple creatures” that can be easily pleased by “an ice-cold beer, sports on TV and beautiful girls.”

Tilted Kilt, which boasts of its good beer, has a customer base that is mostly men. Their waitresses amuse their guests in their sexy Celtic-inspired uniforms of skimpy white shirts and short plaid skirts. The look was inspired by the Catholic schoolgirl look, which is a fantasy for most men.

What are the Other Popular Breastaurants?

breastaurant waitresses
What are the other breastaurants in the US? (Photo from Pinterest)

Hooters may be the most iconic breastaurant in the United States, but other restaurants have risen in popularity, as well. Are you familiar with the following breastaurants?

Twin Peaks

Twin Peaks combines sexy lumberjack with a sports lodge. This restaurant is one of the fastest-growing breastaurants in the US due to its waitresses and upscale bar food. As mentioned above, Twin Peaks takes pride in its menu: venison chili, the Turkey Avocado Smash and the Billionaire’s Bacon, which includes thick-cut slabs of pork coated in smoked paprika, red chili flakes and brown sugar.

Bikinis Sports Bar and Grill

While most breastaurants avoid the term ‘breastaurant’ at all costs, Bikinis is in love with the term. In fact, they trademarked it back in 2012. So technically, Bikinis Sports Bar and Grill is the only breastaurant in the United States.

As the name suggests, Bikinis attracts customers with servers that wear bikini tops paired with cowboy boots and denim shorts. Their menu includes the breastaurant must-haves: burgers, cheese, nachos, steaks and wings.

Tilted Kilt

Tilted Kilt rides on the Catholic schoolgirl theme with their waitresses dressed in naughty schoolgirl uniforms. Their uniforms are so popular that the company includes a “How can I get one?” question on their FAQ page. In fact, the Tilted Kilt “kilts” are registered with the Federal Trademark & Patent Office.

In terms of the menu, the Tilted Kilt wows its customers with its Classic Fish & Chips and Wicked Boston Chicken Sandwich.


If you want sexy military vibes, Bombshells is at your service. The waitresses wear costumes that combine military fatigue with 1940s pin-up girl styles. Bombshells also hit the typical sports bar menu: burgers, wings, ranch-laden salads and pulled pork po’boy.

Ojos Locos

Most sports bars wow customers with fried pickles, booze and a side of cleavage. However, they lack in the street tacos arena. This is where Ojos Locos has a competitive advantage.

This breastaurant serves you a full menu of seafood, pork, chicken and beef tacos. It also has your favorite booze and the midriffs.

Heart Attack Grill

This Las Vegas restaurant is infamous for its blunt disregard for good health (the restaurant’s tagline is “Fighting anorexia since 2005”). However, people flock to the Heart Attack Grill for its behemoth burgers and sexy waitresses dressed in naughty nurse outfits.


Technically, Tallywackers isn’t a breastaurant but the concept is similar. Customers are served by scantily clad male servers dressed in nothing but shoes and short shorts. It’s basically a Hooters but for women.

Debates and Controversies of Breastaurants

It’s no secret that sex sells. However, restaurants under the breastaurant category are always the subject of criticism and controversy.

For most people, breastaurants create an environment that exacerbates an existing problem. The restaurant industry is already rife with sexual harassment cases. In fact, the National Public Radio (NPR) reports that more than 70 percent of female restaurant employees have been sexually harassed. Half of this number experience sexual harassment on a weekly basis. It is especially a problem for waitresses who work for tips. The fact that their pay comes from customers is already making them vulnerable to sexual passes from customers. People against breastaurants believe that these restaurants are only fueling the fire of sexual harassment in the industry.

However, some waitresses see it differently. Many female servers from Hooters, Twin Peaks and other breastaurants don’t consider their job as anti-woman. Instead, some use “female objectification” to their career’s advantage.

Many waitresses argue that there are “creeps” in every food service industry anyway. At Hooters, customers give bigger tips to waitresses who engage more, which is why they take advantage of this “perk.”


Breastaurants, whether you like them or not, are forever a part of the food scene in the United States. The idea of sex selling in the food industry can be a haunting or empowering one. It’s up to the server, the diner and the consumers of the breastaurant industry.

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