Are You Pressed for Time? Use These Tactics to Create Great Content for Social Media

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Social media is powerful enough that over 85% of marketers now use Facebook for their advertising and branding efforts. Even big brands are finding their way to Tiktok.

While having social media presence feels like a must these days, growing it is another thing — in fact, it is a hurdle. Contrary to popular belief, it demands not only creativity but also time. What if you lack the latter?

To keep your followers engaged but are pressed for time, these four social media strategies could help:

1. Use Your Television for Beautiful Backgrounds

If you’re in Utah, letting a home theater specialist install a 4K television can do wonders for your well-being and business. Entertainment can keep you sane, especially in this pandemic, while the screen can broadcast a variety of images that can work as your background.

Invest in a great camera, work on angles, and you can fool anyone into thinking they’re looking at studio shots. You may even save money from buying wallpapers and other backdrop supplies. Changing backgrounds will also be so much easier and even more fun.

2. Maximize Canva

If you have zero editing skills, you can use one of the most popular graphic design platforms called Canva. This app has a premium version, but the free one is already enough if you’re starting or handling a single business’s social media account (like yours).

One of the primary advantages of Canva is its wide array of templates. All you need to do is to change the text, positions or layouts, and add images — and you’re good to go.

These templates are also available in various sizes depending on where you plan to publish the post. Based on most people’s experiences, though, an Instagram post looks okay even if you share it on Facebook.

You can work on Canva templates on your desktop PC, but the mobile version is more suitable for you if you’re always on the go.

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3. Invite Your Followers to Submit Content

Consider this: nearly 4 billion are already active social media users. They spend an average of 2 hours and 24 minutes every day hopping through at least 8 social media apps.

Facebook, in particular, has 2.7 billion users. Let’s say your business attracts only 27,000 followers. Even if you sell to only 5% of these people, that’s still 1,350 sales a month.

However, you can only make the most of your social media following if you continuously engage them, especially with consistent content.

If you have little time to come up with something, an alternative is to turn the tables around: encourage your followers to share content with you.

  • Run a promotion where the best picture of the product gets a prize.
  • Recommend tagging you when they write a review and feature them on your social media accounts.
  • Ask them to show you how they’re using the product in their daily activities or lives.
  • Search for reviews on social media and ask them if you can feature their reactions on your social media.

4. Rehash but Improve Old Content

Some types of content are impactful, but they might not have received the views they needed before. Perhaps you’re new on social media and didn’t know how to use it effectively.

When you’re busy, it’s a good time to rehash this content, but you can improve it so that it becomes more relevant and even SEO-friendly. For example, you can now add hashtags, use a more stunning relatable photo, or add a more engaging and meaningful caption like a question.

When it comes to using social media for business and branding, it’s no longer a question of if but when. And if you’re having a hard time finding the when for it, these ideas may help ensure you have great content available for your followers.

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