Essential Apps to Continue Delivery Services In 2021

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As the events of 2020 changed the world forever, businesses have been forced to adjust their operations to meet consumer demand. Since people are now going online to address their needs, delivery businesses are placed under immense pressure. Because of this, the logistics industry, covering delivery companies, is now slowly picking up on using mobile apps to streamline operations, allowing them to continue their delivery services and meet increasing demands in 2021.

Mobile apps help delivery services to minimize operational costs and improve operational efficiency and productivity. They also offer a better user experience in the entire supply chain management and package delivery process. Using a feature-rich and well-functioning app can simplify complex logistic issues and help delivery companies continue operations with ease.

Here are essential apps that help delivery companies continue services in 2021.

Vehicle and Fleet Management Apps

A vehicle fleet management software or app eliminates communication bottlenecks by connecting supervisors with drivers in a delivery company regardless of where they are, thus making maintenance easier. This app provides executives with a more comprehensive view of asset status, repair needs, and related expenses. It also lets them assess crucial success factors, such as fuel and mileage on different routes, that optimize operations.

Additionally, vehicle and fleet management apps offer other functions, such as making accurate battery checks, providing network coverage status, checking engine conditions, and monitoring tire health.

Location Tracker App

Location tracker apps are crucial if a delivery company’s provided vehicles don’t have built-in GPS trackers or want their drivers to be more accurate in tracking their routes. These digital tools convert any device into a GPS tracking device, allowing drivers to find locations better while enabling supervisors to monitor the drivers’ whereabouts more accurately. Modern advanced mobile GPS technologies ensure real-time vehicle and fleet tracking, making it easier to receive the latest data and maintain orderly deliveries.

Inventory Management App

Inventory management apps offer features that help delivery companies track sales data, automate re-ordering processes, and receive detailed analysis and reports regarding assets and inventory. Stock keeping and inventory management become more accurate with the right app, helping reduce excess stock at the warehouse while ensuring proper prioritization of goods dispatched based on sensitivity.

Additionally, this app allows the scanning of products arriving and leaving the warehouse error-free, making it easier to track them without any issues while giving supervisors quick access to the latest data available regarding the inventory.

Route Planner App

Route planner apps are digital tools that allow users to plot the best and most efficient route between their destinations, forever changing how delivery professionals travel and work. The ability to get accurate insights on transportation routes to optimize delivery schedules is an excellent asset to delivery companies, as it ensures maximum efficiency in supply chain management.

A good route planner app also helps improve customer loyalty by establishing a sustainable partnership between the logistics company and its customers.

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Transportation Dispatch App

Transportation dispatch apps are digital tools offering dispatches a better handle on managing technicians on the field, including choosing them for jobs, routing them to job sites, making reassignments, and tracking their movements. With these apps, delivery companies allow their drivers to dispatch new shipment requests on their dedicated mobile apps automatically. It can provide drivers with the latest information regarding their routes, optimizing the delivery process.

Additionally, transportation dispatch apps allow drivers to access critical information, such as mileage, delivery schedule, and driver rosters quickly for better decision-making.

Customer Relationship Management App

To ensure that customers are served efficiently and are happy, delivery companies need to use customer relationship management (CRM) systems or apps to manage interactions with existing and potential customers. These apps help businesses build better customer relationships while streamlining processes to increase sales, enhance customer service, and increase profits.

Logistics App

Shippers and consumers alike should get dedicated apps to place requests to move items with a single press of a button, whether it’s sending packages to friends or delivering food. With a logistics app, the process of accessing delivery and logistics services can be more accessible, making it convenient for all involved. Previously, if customers wanted to send packages, they needed to visit a courier provider to drop off their items.

With the increasing popularity of on-demand logistics apps providing doorstep pickup and delivery, the whole user experience has significantly improved. Plus, with new functions, such as real-time tracking, online payments, and reviews, the end customer experience will be even better.

Delivery companies are increasingly becoming aware of the importance of mobile apps — and those mentioned above are the essential apps every delivery business must have to make operations more manageable and help them keep up with the increasing demands in 2021 with ease.

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