4 Web Design Practices You Should Adopt

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Modern marketing is evolving at a fast rate, and some things are no longer taken for granted. For instance, the idea of having a digital presence is enough to survive in the business world. In reality, companies should take every opportunity to engage their target audiences, and one of the best ways to do so is by investing in a well-designed website. Your business website is vital to building traffic and generating leads. Besides, visitors judge your business by the first impression they get upon visiting your website.

Your website should be designed and appropriately developed for optimization if you want to succeed in the market. Otherwise, your digital marketing strategy might sink before you attain your marketing goals. Businesses ought to make use of web design practices and trends to boost their conversion rates. A web development and design company in Minnesota can ensure that it incorporates best practices to increase your sales.

Keep Branding Consistent

Website design that doesn’t have a consistent branding can be confusing and stressful. Some websites are branded in a way that they are all over the place; thus, you cannot tell their logos, the services the business offers, or their brand colors. A best practice in website design is to ensure consistency in branding throughout the site. Make sure that you use predetermined verbiage, brand colors, and logos throughout when designing the website.

Create Strong Calls-to-Action (CTAs)

The primary goals of websites are to attract customers and inform them of the services and products that you offer. The ultimate goal of sites is to entice visitors to finish an action, such as setting up a consultation, signing up for a newsletter, or downloading a form. A strong call-to-action is integral in the conversion of website visitors into new clients. Ensure that you place the call-to-action in an appropriate location on your website to make sense to the audience. For instance, the “contact us” button ought to be placed at the bottom of the site after the audience has been educated about your business.

Fast Loading Time

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Seconds of added page load speed can drop your sales by up to 30 percent. Studies reveal that the minimum load speed should be two seconds. Consequently, your website visitors expect that your pages will load in less than two seconds. Close to 40 percent of visitors leave websites that have a load speed of more than three seconds. You can incorporate the web design practice by using image formats that reduce image sizes, evaluating your plugins, and enabling compression.

Email Marketing

While email marketing is viewed as a traditional way of staying connected, it plays an integral role in enlightening potential and existing customers on your services and products. Email is still relevant; thus, your email campaigns should be up-to-date, too. Ensure that your audience doesn’t have a rough time searching for the email sign-up icon. You might want to consider placing the email sign-up icon in the footer or header of your website.

Web practices are essential for excellent web design. It is time you implemented the web design practices if you have not used them before. Websites are about innovative, fast, and aesthetically pleasing designs.

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